Pelco KSC-3000U Karta Katalogowa


Pelco KBD300A Karta Katalogowa


Pelco KBD200A Karta Katalogowa


Pelco KBD960 KBR960 Karta Katalogowa


Dystrybutor Pelco Polska


  • Controls Located on 3 Modules in the Keyboard
  • Modules Can Be Rotated to Suit User Preference
  • 1 Keyboard Can Control All System Cameras Through a VCD5202 Interface
  • Built-in USB Hub for Connection of Export Devices    Variable Speed, Vector-Solving
  • Joystick for Precise
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Control
  • Jog/Shuttle for Playback Control and Menu Navigation
  • Keypad Call-Up of Cameras, Presets, and Patterns
  • Built-in Speaker

KBD5000 Keyboard

Desktop keyboard with control pods for full switching and configuration capabilities, plus joystick control of PTZ functions and jog/shuttle playback control.


  • Patented Sensor
  • Pan, Zoom, Rotation
  • Rotation Toggle Key
  • 15 Programmable Keys
  •  Keyboard Modifiers
  • Soft-Coated Hand Rest
  • On-Screen Display (Windows Only)
  • Virtual NumPad (Windows Only)


Pelco VideoXpert Enhanced 3D Mouse


Fixed/Variable Speed, PTZ Control, Direct Mode Only

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  • All-In-One mouse, keyboard, joystick
  • Two RS-485 ports
  • Shortcut keys
  • Provides a variety of add-ons
  • More than 16 built-in protocols
  • Built-in Jog shuttle, joystick for user convenience